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Robotics and Automation Research Group

Principal:Andrés Jaramillo Botero (now at Caltech)
Institution:Pontificia Universidad Javerana Cali
Creation Date: 1/May/1995
Science and Technology National Program:Electronics, informatics and Telecommunications

Research efforts are oriented towards: the production of new, theoretical or applied, knowledge in the field of Artificial Autonomous Systems; maintaining scientific competency at the state of the art level in the subject; and developing transferable technological solutions derived from R&D activities.

Three areas are recognized, individually or as a whole, to be strategic for the group´s interest:

  1. Perception as referred to the acquisition, adaptation and processing of signals. Decision making processes are considered to be directly related with perception.
  2. Analysis and control of dynamic systems.
  3. Communication, under real-time requirements, and as a mean to interconnect perception with actuation.

Systems are considered to operate in ample time and space scales, from the continuous/discrete macroscopic (meters, seconds) to the discrete atomistic (nanometers, nanoseconds-femtoseconds). Adaptability, flexibility, concurrency support, real-time and synchronization are fundamental criteria that integrate the strategic areas defined above.

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